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Product Performance
  • .8408 Solar Reflectivity Rating*, 86% Thermal Emissivity Rating*, 106 Solar Reflectance Index*
    • Creates an energy efficient building envelope saving power and reducing green house gas emissions
  • Exhibits phenomenal adhesion to most substrates
  • Outstanding hideability. 
  • Superior elongation and tensile strength
    • Bridges and fills cracks & will expand with substrate to prevent cracking, peeling or other adhesion issues
  • Industry leading color retention - stays looking freshly painted after years of environmental exposure 
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance
  • Withstands harsh climatic conditions and all weather elements
  • Exceptionally resistant to salt corrosion - great in coastal climates
  • Prevents water penetration from driving rain
  • High Perm Rating - interior water vapors escape to the exterior preventing interior mold and mildew growth 
Product Composition - Eco-Friendly
  • Water-based -  requires no harmful or irritating solvents
  • Eco-Friendly - Extremely low VOC content
  • Will not off gas during or after paint cures
  • Raw materials are all regionally extracted and produced within 500 miles of manufacturing site
Easy Application, Low-Maintenance, Superior Longevity
  • Application requires no special equipment. Applied with brushes, rollers, and airless sprayer*
  • Clean up only requires water; no harmful chemicals
  • Cures in 2 hours @ 50% humidity and 75 degrees F
  • Easy to maintain and clean to keep your home beautiful
  • Lasts at least two to three times longer than regular paint
    • Great Return on Investment (ROI).
    • Delivers exceptional value and reduces the life-cycle costs associated with repainting and regular maintenance
  • Can be tinted to match most manufacturers color schemes
  • Can be stored and used for up to a year after opening. Great for little touchups
Qualifies for Potential LEED Credits
  • EQ Credit 7.1: Thermal Comfort: Design 1 Point 
  • MR Credit 5.1: Regional Materials: 10% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally    
  • MR Credit 5.2: Regional Materials: 20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally -1 Point in addition to MR Credit 5.1 
  • ID Credit 1:  Innovation in Design  


* For specific applications instructions, please contact us.

Platinum Exterior 1000 MSDS

Platinum Exterior 1000 TDS

Platinum Exterior 1000 Tri-Fold Brochure

Performs Great on Wood and Concrete Siding
Perfect For Tropical Climates - Mold and Mildew Resistant
Commercial High Rise Condos - Added Protection From UV Rays, Sand, Salt, and Rain
Sand Abrasion Resistance and Leading Solar Reflectivity Provide an Ideal Solution in Arid Climates

"I live in fairly new track housing and decided to get the protection of this elastomeric paint so I wouldn't have to paint ever again.    What a wonderful surprise when I saw my bills reducing in cost but still enjoying A/C and heating at comfortable levels." - Murietta, CA

"Being 20 miles north of the devastating San Diego fires the week of October 25, 2007, our homes were "smoked" and speckled with ash.  Unlike my neighbors, all I had to do was hose off the residue with a simple garden water hose because of your paint's ability to resist dirt and stains.  My neighbors had to hire professionals to get rid of the gunk and smell." - San Diego, CA

From appearance to timeliness to expertise, your crews displayed a professionalism rarely seen.  In my 50 years in commercial property management and ownership our business relationship stands high. I will not hesitate to recommend your company and product or use you as the need arises on future projects.  Thank you and your crews for a wonderful experience. - Fred Bentley, Sr. Marietta, GA

"I absolutely love the way my house looks! From beginning to end, the entire project was done professionally, with the utmost care. Choosing your company was the right choice and I would highly recommend you to any of my friends."
Vero Beach, FL 

"My home is just beautiful! You fellas did a wonderful job. Keep up the outstanding work. Thank you." 
West LA, CA