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Eco-Transport Coating exhibits two important surface properties: a high solar reflectance rating and an equally high thermal emittance rating. Solar reflectance is the percentage of solar energy that is reflected by a surface, and   thermal emittance refers to the ability of a material to release absorbed heat. 

A standard refrigerated trailer roof is made from a sheet of uncoated aluminum covering 2 inches of polyurethane foam. Although aluminum has a good reflectance rating (.71), it has a low emittance rating (9%).  This is why on hot afternoon the roof temperature on a refrigerated trailer can reach in excess of 185 degrees effectively transforming the roof into a heat sink transferring heat through the insulation and into the trailer interior. 

Coating the roof of a refrigerated trailer with Eco-Transport Coating changes the dynamics of the roof. With the application of Eco-Transport Coating the reflectivity rating increases to .84 from .71, an 18% improvement, and the emittance improves significantly to 86% from 9%, an astounding 856% improvement.  After application, the roof temperature on a sunny, 90 degree will stay within 5 degrees of the ambient air temperature, virtually eliminating the roof as a heat source.  

The Equation is Simple 
Lower Roof Temperature = Reduced Cooling Load
Reduced Cooling Load = Reduced Compressor Operating Hours
Reduced Compressor Operating Hours = Increased Fuel Efficiency
Increased Fuel Efficiency = Greater Profitability

Eco-Transport Coating MSDS

Eco-Transport Coating TDS

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