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Increases Fuel Efficiency

Eliminating the refrigerated trailer’s roof as a heat source reduces the load on the reefer’s compressor.  Reduced compressor load equals reduced compressor operation time required to maintain internal temperatures.  Reduced run time equals fuel savings. 

Environmentally Friendly

Our coatings are water based and Low VOC products. In addition, it increases fuel efficiency on average by 18% which translates into preventing the emission of 22.44 lbs. of CO2 and other green house gases per gallon of diesel fuel conserved.

Reduces Repair Costs

Less frequent compressor run time reduces wear and tear on the unit resulting in fewer break downs, which saves money on parts and labor as well as less downtime over the life of your reefer.

Reduces Capital Outlays 

The average life cycle for a refrigerated trailer is ten years.  By extending the life cycle of the compressor, you delay spending for parts, labor, and unit replacement.  The application of Eco-Transport Coating  frees capital to be invested in more valuable areas of your business.  

ROI Within Year 1

Cost reductions in fuel savings and compressor maintenance result in fast payback.

Realized Fuel Efficiency Gains
 Study Location
   Test Duration   
 Fuel Efficiency Gains (%)

 Phoenix, Arizona

Dallas, Texas

Las Vegas, Nevada


25.25 Hours

25 Weeks

2 Weeks






Studies conducted by Independent Refrigerated Fleets using 2 trailers running similar mileage and freight. One Trailer was coated with Eco-Transport Coating; the other was not. The immediate fuel efficiency gains were astounding. In addition to saving money on fuel costs, the coated fleets have experience less downtime and reduced maintenance costs as a result of lessened cooling loads place on the refrigeration units.

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Eco-Transport Coating MSDS

Eco-Transport Coating TDS

“...our total overall reduction in fuel consumption is down 11% and our total fuel mpg (tractor and refer unit) is up .21 mpg which equates to $225,000 annually.  In addition to the trailer coating we have had a tremendous drive to reduce idle time and total route miles which all contributed to this savings." Miami, FL


"We initially tested Eco-Transport Coating as a reflective coating for 30 trailers in our Tampa Fleet. We were extremely satisfied with the results when we concluded that on the 30 trailers, Eco-Transport Coating contributed to saving 12, 820 gallons of diesel fuel in year over year comparisons, which can be attributed to the cooling load reducing capabilities of the coating." Tampa, FL  


"After coating our Thermo King 900 Series with Eco-Transport Coating, the units consistently ran fewer hours during the controlled testing period than those on the uncoated trailers." Rochester, NY


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