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Our Committment  

As the Green Building and Sustainable Design industries continue growing, Eco-Protective Products strives to be the preeminent manufacturer and provider of eco-friendly, high performance paints and coatings. Whether for new construction or remodeling an existing home, office, or industrial facility, evidence indicates that ‘green’ products and design techniques deliver measurable improvements to the environment, long-term value & performance to facilities, and the most favorable Return on Investment for any building project.  Each of Eco-Protective Products’ paints and coatings deliver tremendous value, are of the highest quality, and remain at the forefront in ‘green building’ innovation.

Why should I choose EPP over alternative brands?
We Manufacture Paint Not Fancy Marketing Campaigns

Without having to bend to the whims of Wall Street and Corporate Investors, Eco-Protective Products invests its resources expressly toward the production of the highest performing paints available. We take tremendous pride in providing for the people that make our business great, but we do so without exuberant expense accounts, superfluous overhead or outdated and costly modes of advertising, so almost every cent invested by our business is in the development and production of high performance eco-friendly paints. We operate in the pursuit of great paint and nothing else.

 Low to Zero VOC Content 

The following is an excerpt from GreenHomeGuide, a publication put out by the US Green Building Council.
"According to the Environmental Protection Agency, paints, stains and other architectural coatings produce about 9 percent of the volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from consumer and commercial products, making them the second-largest source of VOC emissions after automobiles.

VOCs are carbon compounds that evaporate at room temperature and react in sunlight to help form ground-level ozone, an integral component of photochemical smog. VOCs can cause respiratory, skin and eye irritation; headaches; nausea; muscle weakness; and more serious ailments and diseases, according to the EPA. Formaldehyde, a VOC commonly found in paint, is a probable carcinogen. The EPA has found that indoor concentrations of VOCs are regularly up to ten times as high as outdoor concentrations, and can climb up to a thousand times as high as outdoor concentrations when you are applying paint."

While many paint brands are satisfied with simply meeting the EPA regulations for LOW VOC paints, virtually all of our paints are completely VOC free. 

 Quality Ingredients

Although manufacturing sustainable products is a worthy endeavor, we measure our paints not just by their eco-friendly composition but also by their longevity and level of performance. For to produce a product that is GREEN yet fails to perform is to produce nothing of value at all.  

In addition to our commitment to the Eco-Friendly Characteristics of our paints, it is paramount that each perform the basic functions of paint: 
1. Protection of surfaces from elements ranging from mischievous children to extreme climates
2. Accenting life's spaces with vibrant color and elegant design

Whether you are revitalizing your home's exterior with Platinum Exterior 1000, creating a relaxing interior space with Eco-Accents Interior Paint, or looking to reduce your Carbon Footprint while Lowering Energy Consumption with Eco-Cool Roof 5000, we believe you deserve the highest quality products available, and that is what we at Eco-Protective Products promise to deliver to you. 

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