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Is Platinum Exterior the right choice for painting my home or facility?

If quality, durability, and longevity are important to you, Platinum Exterior 1000 is the ideal paint for your home or facility.  Manufactured using the highest quality raw materials, Platinum Exterior 1000 exhibits exceptional performance on many substrate types including wooden and concrete sidings, masonry block, brick, stucco, concrete, and metal surfaces.

How does Platinum Exterior work to actively reduce my home or facility’s energy consumption?

Platinum Exterior 1000 is manufactured using 100% pure elastomeric resins, titanium dioxide inert pigments and hollow ceramic micro beads that cure forming an impenetrable thermal barrier around your home or facility. During the summer months, when the sun’s rays are most extreme, your home will be protected by the highly reflective properties of Platinum Exterior, greatly reducing your cooling costs; however, in the winter months, the paint forms a barrier to heat loss around your home, helping to conserve energy consumption.

How long does Platinum Exterior last before repainting?

Unlike other exterior paints, Platinum Exterior 1000 does not contain any plasticizers or filler material that brittle and breakdown over time due to weathering and UV exposure.  Platinum Exterior 1000 demonstrates exceptional weatherability and longevity in the most severe climatic conditions, and it is guaranteed to protect, perform and provide an attractive finish and can last up to 15-20 years before needing repainting.

Is Platinum Exterior more expensive than regular paint?

The cost of purchasing Platinum Exterior 1000 is comparable to that of premium paints found in any local paint store.  What differentiates Platinum Exterior from other premium exterior paints is its dependable long-term value. Platinum Exterior 1000 frequently eliminates two (2) to three (3) repainting cycles because of its superior longevity of performance. Platinum Exterior 1000 will often pay for itself from the money saved on product and labor after one typical painting cycle (5-7 years). Additionally, because Platinum Exterior 1000 promotes enhanced energy efficiency for your home or facility, it keeps more money in your pocket instead of being spent on ever increasing power bills.  

Will Platinum Exterior degrade overtime from climatic conditions and sun UV exposure?

As geological evidence on the Earth’s surface suggests, the effects of nature have a profound impact on all naturally occurring and man made structures. Exposure to climatic elements and the awesome power of our sun will eventually degrade all materials including paints and coatings; however, the unique formulation of Platinum Exterior 1000 is highly resistant to water penetration, abrasion, and vast temperature swings, and unlike other paints, its reflective properties protect it from UV ray absorption making it extremely long-lasting. Even in the most extreme conditions, Platinum Exterior 1000 demonstrates excellent color retention and adhesion properties.

How does Platinum Exterior compare and contrast to other “energy coatings” on the market?

Many products claim to provide measurable energy efficiency through innovative coatings; however, Platinum Exterior 1000 has repeatedly proven to deliver sustainable energy efficiency in numerous applications including residential, commercial, and military installations.  Our proprietary blend of ceramic micro beads actively dissipates heat away from the coated surface keeping cool air in and hot air out.  

Does Platinum Exterior come in a variety of colors?

Platinum Exterior can be tinted to achieve thousands of shades and hues and can be custom tinted or matched to color codes from any paint manufacturer.

Does my painting contractor need special equipment to apply Platinum Exterior?

No. Apply by brush, lint free roller applicator of suitable nap length (20mm+nap or split foam pile), or airless sprayer.  Note: if using airless sprayer, use a tip orifice of at least .19” or .21” to achieve recommended dry film thickness. Do not apply if temperatures exceed 95°F or fall below 40°F.

Does my painting contractor need special training to apply Platinum Exterior?

Most painting contractors should have sufficient knowledge of various substrates to utilize Platinum Exterior 1000. For application guidelines and recommendations, please, contact Eco-Protective Products.

Does Platinum Exterior carry a manufacturer’s warranty?

Platinum Exterior 1000 carries at minimum a 10 year warranty that varies depending on pre-existing substrate condition, local weather patterns, and adherence to recommended maintenance procedures.

Platinum Exterior 1000 MSDS

Platinum Exterior 1000 TDS

Platinum Exterior 1000 Tri-Fold Brochure

Create a Weather Barrier, Reduce Sound, Improve Energy Efficiency
Green, Eco-Friendly Paints and Coatings perform well on stucco, brick, concrete, and siding and are Zero VOC and Non-Toxic/ Non-Hazardous.
Reduced Energy Consumption in Manufacturing and Warehousing Facilities
Green, Eco-Friendly Paints and Coatings perform well on stucco, brick, concrete, and siding and are Zero VOC and Non-Toxic/ Non-Hazardous.
Highlight Your Home's Architectural Beauty With Superior Eco-Friendly Paint
Green, Eco-Friendly Paints and Coatings perform well on stucco, brick, concrete, and siding and are Zero VOC and Non-Toxic/ Non-Hazardous.
Superior Adhesion to Metal Surfaces Provide a Protective Solution to Harmful Climatic Elements
Green, Eco-Friendly Paints and Coatings perform well on stucco, brick, concrete, and siding and are Zero VOC and Non-Toxic/ Non-Hazardous.
The Superior Performance of PE-1000 & PE-2000 Protect and Enhance Your Home