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Welcome to Eco-Protective Products 
Eco-Protective Products is a privately held business serving architectural communities through developing and distributing exceptionally high performing eco-friendly paints and coatingsEach of our Low and Zero VOC paints meets or exceeds specifications established by the EPA and European Union for Green Paints, but we are not satisfied at simply being Green.


Exceptional Long-Term Value
Building smarter doesn't just mean using the Greenest products; it also means choosing products that deliver the longest sustained value for consumers, society and the environment. A paint is only as good as the materials that it comprises, therefore in order produce PREMIUM QUALITY PAINTS, we never compromise with cheaper raw materials. The result is a line of paints and finishes that keep looking and performing like new even after years of environmental exposure. Investing in your home, facility or development with Eco-Protective Products' paints produces outstanding Economic, Environmental, and Social Benefits for everyone. 

  1. Do you believe that long term product performance is important in the building process?
  2. Would you agree that a product that is both eco-friendly and high performing is preferable to one that exhibits only one of these characteristics?
  3. If it were a company's mission to develop paints at the intersection of premium performance and sustainability while offering them at prices affordable for any budget, why would you ever want to look elsewhere for your painting needs? Simple answer is that you wouldn't, and you don't have to. 



Premium Performance

Whether you are planning sustainable communities, managing commercial properties, or are a backyard weekend warrior, you deserve a high performance, uncompromising, quality paint. From relentless solar UV radiation to wind blown rain and sediment on the exterior to smudges, scuffs, and the occasional rogue crayon that threaten interior wall spaces, our paints are engineered as the first line of defense against he harshest conditions. 

Connect With Us 
We invite you to learn about our interior & exterior paints on our website, but by also connecting with us on our BLOG, our FACEBOOK PAGE, and on TWITTER.