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About Bio-Shield

Bio-Shield Premium latex paint is a true ZERO VOC, ZERO ODOR interior paint. Produced from 100% pure acrylic latex resins, Bio-Shield delivers enhanced performance and durability while being safe for the environment and the people in it. Bio-Shield is the ideal paint solution for healthcare facilities, school systems, the hospitality industry, and other high traffic areas where the value of a paint’s durability and performance is only exceeded by a necessity to ensure maximum occupant comfort and safety.  

Bio-Shield is more than just a premium interior paint; it is engineered with naturally occurring, inorganic silver technology, a technology developed and produced in American laboratories that ensures the paint remains free from damaging and odor causing bacterial and other microbial cells. Unlike other anti-microbial technologies, Bio-Shield’s silver based anti-microbial is non-leeching and has been proven to be an effective deterrent to a broad spectrum of microbial growth, not simply limited to specific strains of molds and mildews. Therefore, in addition to being free of harmful VOC’s, this outstanding paint will consistently inhibit the growth of mold and mildew spores, a leading cause of asthma and other allergy related respiratory issues.

Combining its signature performance, comfort and quality, Bio-Shield delivers unprecedented value to not just end-users but to architects and contractors as well. 


Why silver?

Silver is a natural element that, for centuries, has been recognized as a safe type of preservative and antimicrobial. Its uses are far reaching, and it can be found in cosmetics, textiles, medical products and even wound care because of its broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties.

ACT™ composite silver technology

At Eco-Protective Products, we consistently try to provide consumers products that are environmentally friendly as well as exceed traditional performance standards. With Bio-Shield Interior Coating we feel we've continued that legacy.

ACT™ composite silver technology is the only silver antimicrobial manufactured in the United States. Unlike organic antimicrobial products, it does not leech or risk harm to users or the environment. 

So what does that mean? 

Unlike other paints whose dry-film surface can provide a fertile environment for the propagation of odor causing bacteria and the growth of stain causing molds and mildews, BSIC is formulated with EPA registered ACT™ composite silver technology, a broad spectrum antimicrobial that provides a barrier resistant to bacteria proliferation and mold, mildew and fungal growth on the paint film.

Bio-Shield 6100 Semi-Gloss TDS

Bio-Shield 6400 Eggshell TDS

Bio-Shield Interior Coating MSDS

Bio-Shield Interior Coating Tri-Fold Brochure